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The Power of Small: Small businesses have new sources of credit

January 2016

We looked around, and found BFS to be the most professional and responsive party in the area of alternative finance. With the additional capital we’ve been able to do things we otherwise couldn’t, such as buying raw materials in larger quantities at a discount.

Construction Industry Jumps in Small Business

December 2015

Good news for 2016: the construction sector is on the upswing. Data from BFS Capital, a small business lender, shows that demand for small business loans is at an all-time high among construction companies.

Tips for Small Business Owners on How to Keep Up With Debt Payments

November 2015

Debt payment is an unavoidable part of almost every business owner’s daily life. But if handled responsibly, those payments need not be a burden. At BFS Capital, we always encourage our small business customers to talk with their lending provider to figure out a payment schedule that makes sense for them.

Interview with the CEO of BFS Capital

November 2015

We empower the growth of small businesses by providing timely, flexible financing solutions. Our solutions include loans and merchant cash advances ranging from $4,000 to $2 million over terms of four to 24 months.

Pros and cons of scaling your small business

October 2015

Scaling your business too early can have disastrous consequences, but if you wait too long you risk getting passed by competitors. Remember to take these pros and cons into consideration and know that BFS Capital is always there to help.

Winter storms slam online sales, too

February 2014

Small business loan applications have increased 60 percent in the past six weeks when compared to last year, at least half of which are weather-related.

With Credit for Businesses Tight, Nonbank Lenders Offer Financing

January 2014

Even with the economy on the mend, the alternative financing industry continues to grow, debunking the notion that small businesses are able to secure capital from the banks. In fact, Marc Glazer, chief executive of Business Financial Services, estimates about two dozen nonbank lenders lent approximately $3 billion collectively last year, double the 2012 total. These short-term lenders want to become the go-to financiers for business owners in need of quick cash.

Coral Springs firm offers loans to mom and pops

September 2013

Business Financial Services helps small- and mid-sized companies that are growing and have a rising cash flow, but don’t have the assets or longevity in business to be approved for bank loans.

New Financing Alternative is Not Just for Small Businesses Anymore

August 2013

Some not-so-small businesses are choosing financing options originally designed to assist Main Street USA.

Alternative financing for restaurants goes mainstream

July 2013

Banks may not be eager to make short-term loans to independent operators, but other sources of operating capital are ready to start cutting checks.

Are You Running Your Business with the Right Appetite for Risk?

July 2013

Anyone who has owned or operated a business knows that playing it safe usually doesn’t pay off. Creating an effective risk-reward strategy unique to your business can be critical to long-term success.

Filling the Bank Credit Gap

July 2013

With almost half of all small loan applications to smaller banks being rejected and 83 percent of loan applications denied at larger banks, alternative lenders like Business Financial Services have stepped up to fill the bank credit gap.

Ernst & Young Announces Entrepreneur Of The Year(R) 2013 Finalists in Florida

May 2013

Ernst & Young announced the finalists for the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013 Award in Florida. Marc Glazer, President and CEO of Business Financial Services, was among the finalists.

Healthier small business borrowers seen in 2013

March 2013

Marc Glazer, President and CEO of Business Financial Services, sat down with Bob Coleman of the Coleman Report to discuss the optimistic outlook of small business borrowers in 2013.

Recent deals point to gradual thawing in frozen credit

March 2013

The inability to garner capital to refinance operations, grow brands or remodel existing locations remains the norm for most restaurant operators, but recent deals involving both big and small players offer some optimistic success stories for those seeking capital.