Small Business Owners Have Plenty to Say on Today's Hot Topics

Small Business Owners on Todays Hot Topics

On Access to Capital and Health Care

Small business owners always have a lot to say.  True to form, they were saying quite a bit around this time last year—and have been outspoken in the year since.  In fact, it was during last year’s town hall kicking off Small Business Week, that SBA Administrato…

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Rays of Optimism Evident in State of Franchise Financing

State of Franchise Financing

In today's competitive business environment, our margins continue to get squeezed from every direction. Wages continue to inflate, commodities continue to soar, and utility costs fluctuate wildly. The focus of the 2013 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference was "Driving Profitability." As a group, we rec…

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Highlights from the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference 2013

Multi Unit Franchising Conference 2013

The Multi-Unit Franchising Conference was a success yet again. There were outstanding speakers, terrific panel discussions and break-out sessions, not to mention networking with the absolute greatest people in the world.

At this year’s conference, there was something for everyone. As usual, the Advis…

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April Focus: Time for Spring Cleaning for Your Small Business!

Small Business Spring Cleaning

As the weather breaks and nature begins the renewal process, so can we. In fact we’re almost naturally programmed to want to shed the old, clear the cobwebs and begin anew come April. We’re optimistic, ready to try new things. Anything is possible. We dig into spring cleaning with a vengeance.

Small …

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How Do You Get to Know Your Customers Better?

Get to Know Your Customers

Customer connection expert Kristina Evey posed the following rhetorical question in a column on What's the best way to serve and know your customers better?

Her answer is simple but profound: You ask them about their needs, wants, pains and ideas, as they relate to your product…

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