First Quarter Check-Up Key to Year-Long Business Success

Assessing First Quarter Performance

Wait a minute – weren’t you just breathing a big sigh of relief after happily bustling through the holidays? That was months ago! Now it’s April, and the whole first quarter of the year is behind you.

So, how’d you do? More importantly, do you have specific ways of evaluating first quarter so that yo…

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Infographic: Small Business Financing Solutions

Small Business Financing Solutions Infographic

One of the greatest things about small businesses is that no two are alike. Small businesses make up a diverse universe of unique products and services, operating models, goals and objectives. Even the “small” in “small business” can denote a wide range of sizes in terms of annual revenue or number …

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VIDEO: Healthier Small Business Borrowers on the Horizon in 2013

Late last month, the President and CEO of BFS, Marc Glazer had the opportunity to sit down with The Coleman Report to talk about a healthier, more optimistic Main Street. The Coleman Report provides webinars for small business bankers and hosts several niche events in the financial industry. They is…

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Ready to Grow? Consider Expanding into New Markets

New Markets Small Business Growth

Whether it’s a natural reaction to spring, a slight surge of cautious optimism, or if you've been plotting out your plans to build your small business for months now, growth and expansion are on the radar for many small businesses.

According to, one of the best ways to grow your business is o…

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Small Business Owners Have Plenty to Say on Today's Hot Topics

Small Business Owners on Todays Hot Topics

On Access to Capital and Health Care

Small business owners always have a lot to say.  True to form, they were saying quite a bit around this time last year—and have been outspoken in the year since.  In fact, it was during last year’s town hall kicking off Small Business Week, that SBA Administrato…

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