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BFS Capital Blog

20 Reasons to LOVE Being an Entrepreneur

February 14, 2017

It is the chance to be a true master of your own professional fate. But being an entrepreneur also means risk, uncertainty and struggle. If you are successful, there’s nothing like it.

Entrepreneurship is becoming a more popular choice for Americans. A 2015 report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) said that 27 million working-age Americans–nearly 14 percent overall–are starting or running new businesses. Something to consider? Here are just a few of the reasons to LOVE being an entrepreneur:

You are your own boss, so you get to decide what direction your business is headed. No need to worry about all the layers that go into making the smallest of decisions in the corporate world. If you see new opportunities, you can go full force in a completely different direction to take advantage.
You directly receive what you put in. While not always immediately evident, if you continue to work harder and smarter than your competitors, you will eventually be rewarded with success. And you won’t have to be aggravated about others trying to take credit for it.
You’ll never have to worry again about the micromanager who slows down everything or the boss afraid to try anything new. You have the power to create, invent and disrupt the world with your ideas without countless management meetings.
There’s no ceiling to your growth – you’re not stuck in a role that taps out in terms of responsibilities or salary.
You are forced to constantly learn new things about your field and other related knowledge. As an entrepreneur, you have to offer the most up to date product or services to compete with larger rivals.
You control your workspace. Do you thrive in a minimalist environment, where there is no clutter in the office or do you like to have your files all around? It’s totally up to you.
You decide the dress code. While you will have to dress appropriately for client meetings or face-to-face contact with customers, other times it’s totally up to you what to wear.
You have the opportunity to change the world or your local community with a product or service.
Boredom will never be an issue. As an entrepreneur your list of tasks will never end. With the new challenges each day holds, you just don’t have time to be bored.
You don’t have to worry about whether you are too young or old. If you have a product or service that people want, your age is not a factor.
You don’t waste time on the blame game often played every day in the corporate world. If you make a bad decision, instead of focusing on who is at fault, you can throw yourself into remedying the issue.
You make your own schedule. That means if you want to attend a family event or be at home when the cable company gives a four-hour window for repairs, you don’t have to put in a request two weeks ahead of time.
Being a business owner lets you support local charity events, schools and nonprofit organizations. It’s a win-win, as helping your community can also bring big benefits to your business.
Being a successful entrepreneur means you need to be adept at resourcefulness and solving problems that you likely can’t have ever imagined. That confidence is likely to spill over into the rest of your life.
You can end relationships with customers that you feel are detrimental to your business and a pain to deal with. While it’s hard to just do business with pleasant people, you can always “fire” customers who wind up costing you too much in aggravation.
You don’t have to worry about that awful meeting ever again where you’re told your job is being downsized. While customers can discontinue business with you, since you’re the owner, you can always focus on finding your next customer.
You can create the culture that supports your values.
The trepidation about going to your boss for a promotion or raise is gone. Your business’ success means you make more money – it’s that simple.
You can implement your own technology, systems and automation without having to get approval from your company.
Finally, your performance review is conducted every day by your sales, business growth and customer feedback. You don’t have to worry anymore about office politics and the manager who saves the best ratings for special friends. You just have to focus on growing your business.