7 Sites and Blogs Restaurant Owners Should Be Reading

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7 Restaurant Blogs Restaurant Owners Should Read

Blogs have developed tremendously over the last decade, especially as resources for small businesses. In the past, they mostly consisted of bloggers writing about their everyday lives and adventures. Now, blogs have transformed into an online community for those with similar interests and hobbies, and one of the best sources of tips and information.

As a restaurant owner, you need to be sure you are up to speed on what’s happening within your community and your industry as a whole. Restaurant blogs can be the perfect place for you to learn and find what you need to grow your restaurant business. Whether you researching spring cleaning tips or looking for hot new food trends for your restaurant, sites with resources for restaurants are a great way for those in the industry to stay up to date. Here are some sites and blogs that restaurant owners should be reading.

Nation’s Restaurant News – This site delivers breaking news stories about the restaurant industry. It covers anything in the food industry - from big-chain financials to small-plate creations - including restaurant chains, operations, marketing and events.  The NRN editorial team interviews CEOs and chefs, start-ups and supply chain experts, financial analysts and franchisees.

Open for Business – Created by OpenTable, this blog focuses on how to open and run a restaurant as a successful business. Open for Business offers tips, resources and fresh ideas. There are Q&A’s with chefs, restaurateurs, experts and editors; features covering some behind the scenes and a day in the life stories; as well as insider information on data crunching and open table tips.

Restaurant Hospitality – The editors of Restaurant Hospitality dedicate themselves to the success of full-service restaurants and edit their content for chefs and other commercial foodservice professionals. The topics can include full-service restaurants, hotels and resorts, clubs, catering operations, and other foodservice operations. This is a great site to find new food and equipment products and stay in the know with upcoming trends and ideas.

EATER – Your everyday source of food news and dining guides from across the country. This site chronicles restaurants and nightlife, containing eater guides, taste tests, recipes, and restaurant and food reviews. Any information in the area of the food or dining experience can be found here.

LinkedIn Pulse – While this may not be specific to the restaurant industry, LinkedIn Pulse offers new posts daily, covering topics in all aspects of a business. The site curates articles based on your professional profile and your social connections. The articles are specific to your industry and to what the people within the industry are sharing. It can be a great source for a mix of all things restaurant and business.

MyGrubShop – MyGrubShop is a site dedicated to discussing online restaurant portals from the restaurant’s side. With posts including information and advice on how restaurant owners and managers can maximize the profits from using online portals, this site contains valuable material. It’s a source for clear, relevant discussions within the online ordering realm.

The Restaurant Expert – David Scott Peters, President of the site, and other writers offer restaurant and business tips, tricks and advice to restaurant managers and owners who are competing with the giant chains and franchises. The Restaurant Expert has a number of seminars, workshops and other resources, designed specifically for the small restaurant owner.

Running a restaurant is more than just putting good food on a plate. In order to run a restaurant as a successful business, you need to be educated about the restaurant and hospitality industry as a whole. Following and reading restaurant blogs and informational sites can not only keep you in the loop, but you can also gain a fresh perspective and new ideas from reading about what others are doing.

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