How to Train Retail Staff for the Holiday Season

How Train Retail Staff Holiday Season

The difference between a ho-ho and a ho-hum holiday season for small retailers can often depend on staff performance. The following are some of the topics that should be included in any training plan for a small retailer.

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Tips on Hiring Qualified Employees

Tips Hiring Qualified Employees

If the Chicago Cubs can put together a great team, so can you. In a marketplace where new entrants (aka millennials) are looking more and more to small business, finding the right people can be tricky. So how do you find and hire the best employees when they may not be actively looking for jobs?

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How to Get Capital for Merchants and Retailers

How Get Capital Merchant Retailer

Borrowed capital is the lifeblood for most small retail businesses and merchants. Without it, buying the inventory you need, expanding when the time is right, or just surviving through a short-term cash flow gap would be impossible.

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Business Loans for Franchisees: What You Need to Know

Business Loans Franchisees What Need Know

Franchises are probably the most straightforward way to start a small business. Individuals can take a proven successful business model, invest their own time and capital, and hopefully duplicate the success of an already-established brand. That’s why over 12,000 open in the United States each year.…

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Small Business Saturday is November 26 – Are You Ready?

Small Business Saturday November 26 Are You Ready

Until 2010, that weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday was kind of a dead zone. No big shopping specials, half the NFL had already played its games, and nobody had much motivation to move because they’d just consumed their body weight in poultry. American Express changed all that.

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