How to Pay for a Disruptive Business Model

Pay Disruptive Business Model

Developing a disruptive business model and being on the cutting edge of disruptive innovation is everything in the world of business today. If your business can somehow earn the title of “disruptive innovator”, you’re well on your way to owning your own yacht in Sardinia. Ok, maybe not that extreme,…

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Giving Effective Business Presentations

Giving Effective Business Presentations

Remember the worst class you ever had? It probably included a teacher who talked with about as much inflection as a buzz saw, went on forever, and never gave you any information you’d remember once the bell rang.

Now imagine he was trying to sell you something.

Believe it or not, there are people in b…

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Franchise Business

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Franchise Business

There is no one way to run and own your own business. Some try a do-it-yourself method, starting from scratch and getting creative. However, doing this takes a specific skill set and personality type. On the other hand, some others prefer a more structured method to getting a business up and running…

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Tips for Happy, Stress-Free Employees

Stress Free Employees

Studies have shown that happy employees perform better. If your employees are stressed, it's important to question how this is affecting your business's bottom line.

Is it part of your job as a business owner to keep your employees happy and reduce their stress levels at work? Some would argue that m…

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13 Tips for Small Business Owners to Avoid Burnout

13 Tips Small Business Owners Avoid Burnout

It’s Monday, and you already feel like you need another weekend.

If you own a small business, that’s probably because you didn’t really GET a weekend, but even if you did the stresses of the work week have you burnt out before you even get to hump day. And you’re not alone. A report from the American…

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