How Important is Achieving Work-Life Balance?

Work Life Balance

Everyone seems to be talking about work-life balance these days, although it’s a far-from-new topic. For decades, ever since women entered the workforce in droves, work-life balance has been an ongoing discussion. Can there really be anything left to say?

Apparently so. And if you think, intuitively,…

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Business Reputation Management: Wins and Fails

Business Reputation Management Wins and Fails

Regardless of the size or type of business you have, it's critical to take charge of your business's reputation and actively manage it (and if you don’t, you should check out our blog post on how to manage your business reputation here). The alternative is letting customers and others do it for you,…

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Why Our CEO, Marc Glazer, Should be Entrepreneur Of The Year

Marc Glazer Finalist Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year

There is a time and place for a company to toot its own horn. Especially when it speaks to the very underpinnings of the business, its mission and values, and how it works with and helps its customers.

And, I couldn’t be more excited that I now get to toot the BFS Capital horn, so to speak. I’m happy…

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Small Businesses Going to New Lengths to Manage Reputations

Online Business Reputation Management

By now, most small businesses know that whether they’ve created them or not, they have online reputations. Technology has again leveled the playing field, not only creating new opportunities to reach new markets and do business more competitively, but it has also made customers more vocal and more u…

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Business Loan Expansion Allows BFS Capital to Meet Business Needs in All 50 States

Business Loan Expanded to All 50 States

Small businesses grow due to numerous driving forces such as favorable market conditions, changes in the competitive landscape, and the addition of new locations or product lines.

But there’s only one reason that a company takes hold and explodes: Knowing your target customers and satisfying deeply-h…

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