10 Ways Google+ is Changing Online Marketing for Small Businesses

10 Ways Google Plus is Changing Online Marketing for Small Businesses

With 343 million active users, Google+ has surpassed both Twitter and YouTube and is now ranked as the second largest social platform worldwide! The chart below from Marketingland.com shows that even though Google+ is far from catching up to Facebook, its jump on YouTube and Twitter is surprising an…

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SOLOMO: Brands Meet Customers Where They Are

SOLOMO Brands Meet Customers

Even if you think you can’t learn one more acronym, don’t dismiss SOLOMO!  As a small business owner, you need to make SOLOMO a part of your vocabulary and business practices—it’s that critical to your visibility and sales.

SOLOMO is where social, local and mobile intersect: You need to get social, t…

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Accessible Online Learning Perfect for Busy Business Owners

Online Learning for Business Owners

Whether you own a restaurant, a florist shop or a pet supplies business, if you’re a typical small business owner, most of what you’ve learned about running your business has been from the school of hard knocks. While trial-and-error, ‘OJT’ learning is some of the best around, many small business ow…

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Time Tips to Boost Your Small Business Productivity

Small Business Productivity

As a small business owner, the #1 item on your wish list most days is probably another hour or two in the day. But experts say that actively deciding and managing how you spend your time can expand your days in ways you haven’t imagined.

You already know that small business owners have some unique ch…

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Wronged, Wrong or Difficult Customers: What Do You Do?

How to Apologize to Customers

We’ve all been taught that the customer is always right. It’s a long-held, sound business philosophy—or is it? More about that later…

No matter how committed your employees are or how sterling your service is, there will be times when you drop the ball and disappoint the customer. Hopefully, those ti…

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