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BFS Capital Blog

The Biggest Shopping Weekend of the Year is Here! Is Your Business Ready?

November 27, 2013

First it was just Black Friday. Then we added Cyber Monday. And Small Business Saturday. Now the kickoff to the holiday shopping season consists of a whopping five solid days, beginning on Thanksgiving Day itself! So the question is, Are you ready? It’s time to check the details one last time.

    • Mobile

      Google Retail points out that while we used to spend a good bit of Thanksgiving Day in a “turkey coma,” many now spend part of the day engaged in “couch commerce.” Which means they’re likely shopping on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You want to monitor your site’s mobile experience to make sure nothing goes wrong. Periodically make a purchase yourself so that you can check out the entire mobile experience—through checkout. Is there something in place to recapture shoppers who abandon the process before actually purchasing? If not, make a note to explore this after the holidays, and put it on your list for next year. And, don’t forget those who have purchased from you in the past. Hopefully, you’ve been leveraging this list all along to re-engage these consumers and highlight new products or special promotions. But if not, can you get a last-minute email blast out to let these shoppers know you value them?


    • In-store

      Festive decorations? Check. Holiday merchandise and/or special promotions placed prominently? Check. Clutter-free interior space? Check? This is a biggie, especially for the upcoming weekend. In many places, customers are wearing heavy coats, and many have packages. Make it as easy as possible for them to maneuver in your store. Also, if you aren’t already, can you offer any small courtesies like free gift wrap?


    • Experience

      If you’ve been too busy with more urgent matters, no worries. Pick up some bite-size cookies and cocktail napkins. Even something that simple can help put customers in a holiday (and shopping) mood. The key here is to keep it easy to manage, for you and for customers.


    • Employees

      Hopefully, you have employees who are feeling the holiday spirit and will do things like greet customers when they come in and wish them happy holidays as they leave. But, here’s something obvious that seems to escape many employees of businesses large and small and in every sector. Have a good one and Here ‘ya goare NOT substitutes for thanking customers for their business (and meaning it). Offering employees a gentle reminder should do the trick. Your customers will remember being appreciated!


  • After the big push

    Keep the momentum going by continuing your marketing, as in emailing customers to entice them back for more shopping! And it may not take much persuading to attract shoppers during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that even though a lot of people think they’ll find the best deals during the frenzied launch of the holiday season, that’s not really the case. Many retail analysts are advising consumers to shop later; in fact, they say, December 4 is predicted to be the best day to shop this year.
    Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /