What's Your Biggest Business Expense?

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Business Expense Poll

In case you haven’t heard, this week is National Small Business Week. While it’s important to support small businesses year-round, we feel that National Small Business Week is a great way to draw attention to the success stories as well as the obstacles many small business owners face on a daily basis.

Small business owners consistently need access to working capital. At Business Financial Services, we help business owners across the country get the financing they need for their businesses to succeed. Even though all the businesses we fund share the need for capital in common, the reason for needing the funding almost always differs. This got us thinking – is there an expense that business owners across industries share in common?

So, we decided to take the question to social media. We narrowed down the expenses to:

    • Marketing & Advertising


    • Inventory


    • Payroll


    • Expansion


    • Equipment


    • Rent & Utilities

And then, we asked our community “What’s Your Biggest Business Expense?” through our small business poll. So far, we’ve been surprised by the entries.

Have you entered our poll? We want to hear from you! Simply "Like" our Facebook page and click the Giveaways tab. Select your answer from our multiple choice options and automatically get entered to win a $25 Starbucks gift card! (Come on, you didn’t think that we weren’t going to reward you for your time, did you?) You have three chances to win. The last day to vote is this Sunday, June 23rd.

So, tell us. What’s Your Biggest Business Expense?

Christina Memorio

Christina Memorio is the Content Marketing Strategist at BFS Capital. Her content covers a broad spectrum of topics relevant to small business owners, from financial advice and alternative funding solutions to social media and content marketing practices for SMBs. In her spare time, Christina loves to cook and is a die-hard fan of the Florida Gators. Connect with Christina on Google+!