Three Cyber Monday Sales Tips for Small Businesses

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Cyber Monday Sales Tips Small Businesses

Cyber Monday is an increasingly big part of the post-Thanksgiving shopping experience. According to research firm Forrester, U.S. online holiday sales are expected to exceed $95 billion this year, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a big part of that. Although a large chunk of this cash will likely go to the big-box retailers, there are still lots of opportunities for small businesses to get in on the Cyber Monday game. So here are three sales tips for small businesses on how to get the most out of Cyber Monday.

  1. Do a dry run. If your small business is planning a Cyber Monday promotion then make sure to diligently test the site before going live. Pretend you are a prospective customer and click through all of the pages and options, making sure that everything runs seamlessly. If you are expecting a big spike in traffic then you should also talk to your hosting provider to make sure your site and server can handle the added volume.
  1. Focus on a niche community. Small businesses should approach Cyber Monday strategically by thinking about where their most loyal customers are located. So instead of a national ad, a small business could promote themselves online or buy digital ads that are targeted at a specific demographic or region. For example, if you run a clothing store that only attracts young, female shoppers, then your marketing strategy should focus on how to get in front of your target customers.
  1. Collect customer data. Every interaction with a current or prospective customer is a chance to collect detailed information about that customer, including email, age, gender, occupation, income, address and interests. Since Cyber Monday usually attracts many new customers, it’s important to make sure that you are able to stay in touch with the customer and hopefully make him or her into a frequent and long-term shopper. Consumers don’t always like sharing personal information, in large part because they are wary of receiving constant marketing emails or flyers, so you have to be careful how you capture the data so that it doesn’t disrupt the online shopping experience. One suggestion is to offer shoppers an exclusive deal if they agree to fill out a short survey or even just follow your business on social media. This way both the customer and the business get something out of the exchange.

Regardless of the type of business you run, Cyber Monday is a unique opportunity to get in front of current and potential customers and remind them about the great products and services that you provide.

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