Event Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Event Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Putting events together can be expensive. You may have to choose a venue, find a caterer (if you’re providing food and drinks), and book a speaker or entertainer. On top of all that, you need to promote your event. Generally, the budget for marketing and promotion is just whatever’s left of the overall budget needed to put the event together. So, sometimes there’s not much room for extravagant ideas to market your business’ event.

Here are some event marketing tips for small businesses that won’t break the bank.

Focus on Great Content – Maybe you’re not a New York Best Selling author and you’re probably not an award-winning movie director. Luckily, it’s not difficult to find creatives that can produce awesome content for your event. Everyone has hidden talents, just ask around the office. If you have to resort to hiring freelancers for your business, there’s a good chance you will be able to come by some for cheap.

Video content can be really valuable. Videos tend to have higher conversion rates than any other content. Of course, putting a professional video together might break the bank. Try giving it a try on your own. And if that doesn’t work, look to any surrounding creative or art academies and look for independent film students looking to add a corporate piece to their portfolio.

Find Ad Promotions – Running big digital marketing campaigns may not agree with your budget. If you take a little time to look around the web, however, you might be able to find some ad promo codes to help reduce the costs of promoting your business’ event online. There are often promotions and discounts floating around for Google ads or Facebook ads. Some web hosting services also offer advertising promo codes as part of a membership deal.

Use Social Media – Create business accounts on all the major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. If your company is a visual or creative company, you can even look into creating an Instagram and Tumblr account.

Another social network, Reddit, is self-titled as the “front page of the internet.” This network is composed of tech-savvy users that will catch onto your marketing antics, if you’re not creative enough.

Publish posts and create “events” about your event and send it out to all of your followers. Let them know what you are putting together and engage with people to entice them to show support.

Recycle Content – Recycling content doesn’t mean reusing content – You can’t just repost an article that was written or you can run into the common SEO issue of duplicate content. Take a previously published article and turn it into an infographic, or take an old webinar and turn it into an engaging video tutorial. Sometimes people miss content completely, so recycling content can give your followers, new and old, a chance to see it again or for the first time.

Focus on Customer Loyalty – When your customers come into the store, let them know that you’re having an event. Give them an incentive to come back for the event and to bring someone with them. For every person they bring, you could think about offering them a coupon or a free product.

Word of mouth marketing can be super powerful, so you want to encourage customers to tell their friends and family and so on and so forth.

Guerrilla Marketing – Guerrilla marketing is the easiest and cheapest way to get awareness about your event out to the public. It puts an emphasis on creativity rather than budget, so it’s ideal for event marketing on a budget. When your event is local and so are your marketing efforts, this is the best tactic.

Hand out flyers about your event around town, drop business cards everywhere, write your social media handles on sidewalks with chalk, partner with another local business to promote your business’ event. With guerrilla marketing, there is a lot of open room for creative ideas that won’t cost a fortune.

The best thing about marketing, in general, is that you can get creative. The world can be your canvas. There are plenty of resources that outline creative event marketing ideas for businesses on a budget. Take time to do a little searching for online discounts and start thinking outside the box.

Cecillia Barr

Cecillia Barr has a bachelors of science in business administration degree in marketing from the University of Central Florida. She is known for covering personal and business finance and debt solutions. Connect with Cecillia on Twitter.