Finding the Right Employees on LinkedIn

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Finding The Right Employees On Linkedin

When you talk about promoting your business on social media, it typically conjures up images of delicious food with 14 hashtags and an army of followers sharing it with the world. And that’s all well and good when promoting your end product to end users.  But what about using social media to recruit the best talent?

When it comes to using social media for recruiting and hiring employees, you have no better tool than LinkedIn. You may already be using LinkedIn to find potential employees (nine out of ten businesses are) but how effective are your searches? Sometimes it helps to know what words job-seekers are keying-in on LinkedIn so you can find the people who are also looking for you.

Ghergich and Co. and partnered to create a handy infographic, with tips for job seekers on how to improve their LinkedIn profile and presence. While much of the info is for those posting resumes online, there are some key takeaways for employers too. Among them:

  • Keywords to search for:

    Things like “motivated” and “team player” on going to be more common on LinkedIn resumes than phone numbers. So hone in on industry-specific keywords when searching for talent. The examples in the infographic are “Cost Analysis, budget planning, and credit analysis” for financial positions.

  • Spotting strong profiles:

    If you’re not familiar with the LinkedIn profile rating system, it rates profiles from “Just beginning” to “All-star,” based on how much information is provided. An “All-star” LinkedIn profile will give you the most insight into a candidate and requires stuff like skills, at least two previous positions, 50+ connections and a photograph.

  • Unhidden contacts:

    Job-seekers are advised to unhide all of their contacts to make themselves look less self-serving. Keep an eye out for savvy candidates who have done so.

  • Posting relevant content:

    Another gem of wisdom is to only post things that are relevant beyond self-promotion. Someone who is serious about attracting the right employers on LinkedIn will post stuff that serves a greater purpose.

  • Set your profile to anonymous:

    Unless you want every person whose profile you read barraging your inbox, keep yourself anonymous when looking for applicants. It means they can’t see who’s looked at their profile, but allows you to only be contacted by the people you want.

  • Respond to messages quickly:

    com recommends responding in 1 to 2 days. This not only serves as a good guideline for response times to expect from candidates, but also for you to respond. Even if you’re busy, make sure a candidate knows you’re interested.

Matt Meltzer is a professor of business communication at the University of Miami. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and holds a bachelors degree in business administration from UM, as well as a Masters of Mass Communication from the University of Florida.