2016 State of Small Business

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Infographic: 2016 State of Small Business

How do you feel about small business today? Take a look at our infographic to see what other small business owners are saying.

For example, did you know that 50% of small business owners say their biggest challenge in 2016 is hiring new employees and 43% say they are planning to improve their existing customers' experience and retention as a way to increase revenue?


If you'd like to read more, don't miss our full study on the state of small business in 2016, available here.


Alison Leon

Alison Leon is the Vice President of Marketing at BFS Capital. With over 13 years of experience at major financial institutions, including JP Morgan Chase, Capital One and Bank One, Alison understands the everyday needs of small business owners and the important role that financing plays in growing a business. Her content focuses on marketing strategies and resources for small businesses as well as tips on how to secure financing for any business expense. Connect with Alison on LinkedIn and Google+.