Refreshing Your Business: January 2014 Recap

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January 2014 Recap

I don’t know about you, but the months seem to be flying by! I’m in full disbelief that we are already one month into 2014. And yet, here we are!

January notoriously has a reputation for renewal. What better time to start fresh than the New Year? This month’s blog content certainly fits into that theme, from forecasting business trends to setting goals and tactics for conquering 2014, there’s something for every small business owner looking to step up their game in the coming months, no matter where you are on the business-growth continuum.

In case you missed it, here’s some of our top blog posts from January:

Business Trends

    • At the beginning of every year, there is no shortage of predictions of what the coming year will bring. And while these predictions can sometimes miss the mark, it’s a good strategy to use these ideas to stimulate your own thinking on what 2014 may have in store for your own business. Click here to read about some of the ideas that we think could most affect small business in the coming year.


    • Further to this point, we found a ton of industry-specific trend predictions for the retail, restaurant, manufacturing, trucking and construction sectors. We curated what we believed to be the most important and relevant predictions in this post.

Small Business Marketing

    • Ask any marketing expert, and they’re sure to tell you – if your small business marketing campaign is lacking a mobile component, you are missing out on huge opportunity to reach your target audience. Mobile has become so important, in fact, that we answered the question “Is 2014 the year of mobile marketing?” with a resounding YES! Read our thoughts on the subject here.


    • Expanding on that idea, it’s critical that your email marketing is optimized for mobile. With mobile devices increasingly becoming the popular choice for accessing email accounts, failing to optimize your email campaigns could, again, alienate a huge portion of your target. Find out how to make your emails more mobile-friendly here.


    • If 2014 is the year of mobile marketing, 2013 was, by far and away, the year of social media. It is no longer a question of whether or not your business needs to have a social media account; this is a non-negotiable. Check out our tips for stepping up your social media game in 2014 here.

Business Management

    • There’s a reason they call them “New Year’s Resolutions!” But, there is a clear distinction between making a resolution and setting a goal. Regardless of the time of year, both have their place. Read more on how to make them both work in your long-term business strategy here.


    • No matter how happy employees may seem, come January, many small business owners are shocked to find some of their staff putting in their two-week’s notice. Employee turnover in January has become so prevalent that many refer to the first Monday in January as “National Job Hunt Day.” While turnover is inevitable, there are some steps that you can take to prevent massive staff exodus. We curated some of the experts’ top tips in retaining employees in this post.

BFS News

    • If you follow our social media accounts, I’m sure that you’ve seen us bragging sharing the good news of our Fantasy Football victory! Thanks to Sean Murray and the folks at Daily Funder who organized an alternative finance industry Fantasy Football league for charity, we were able to secure a donation to The Wounded Warrior Project. To read more about our road to victory, check out this post.


Christina Memorio

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