Growing Your Small Business Team: March 2014 Recap

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March 2014 Recap

Believe it or not, Spring has finally sprung, even if for much of the country, someone forgot to tell Mother Nature! The season is often associated with new growth, and so many of our blog posts this month focused on exactly that – growing your small business. We covered a wealth of topics of interest to small business owners who are looking to hire and grow their teams.

And, since March is National Women’s History month and March 8th was International Women’s Day, we also spent some time cheering on the women who are changing the face of business, for the better, and who are inspiring those around them to do the same.

In case you missed it, here are some of our top blog posts from the month of March:

Business Hiring Resources

    • The job market, like the economy, is on the mend, and it seems like everyone is in the trenches fighting over top talent. A recent study found that 75 percent of businesses fail to create a “positive candidate experience” which could ultimately cost your business that start candidate you interviewed. Are you scaring away top talent? And if you are, how can you fix this? Find out more in this post.


    • A long and drawn-out hiring process can also be a deterrent for top candidates. Many wonder if it’s possible to consolidate a process that has so many important and necessary steps without regretting it later. After all, wouldn’t it end up costing the company more if you hired the wrong recruit for the job? But experts say that with today’s workforce, it’s important to be nimble when hiring. Check out some ways to speed up your hiring process in this post.


    • So, maybe you don’t have the budget to take on additional staff. Does that mean that your dreams of business growth need to come to a screeching halt? Absolutely not! Read about how outsourcing certain business functions can allow you to focus on growing your business while staying within a tight budget in this post.


    • Hiring the right candidate for the job comes down to have these three things in order: (1) Conducting the right kind(s) of interviews; (2) Asking the right questions; and, (3) Having the right combination of staff involved in the process. Nail these three things along with these tips, and you’ll fill that open position in no time. Check out the tips in this post.

Women in Business

    • Many are making the argument that entrepreneurship is the new women’s movement. And as contributior, Natalie MacNeil puts it, there’s a quiet revolution taking shape, as more and more women are leaving the workforce to become job-creating entrepreneurs. To find out more about more about the women entrepreneur movement, be sure to read this post.


    • Whether it’s their own personal narrative that captures our imagination, or the hurdles they’ve overcome to become the successes that they are today, or their drive and determination that caught our eye, women business owners are an inspiration! Check out what it is that makes these women truly inspiring and who some of our favorites are in this post.


Christina Memorio

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