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BFS Capital Blog

Marketing Mother’s Day for Independent Florists

April 21, 2016

Did you know that Mothers’ Day ranks behind only Christmas as the largest season for flower and fresh plant sales? And according to the National Retail Federation, nearly two-thirds of people who observe Mothers’ Day will be buying mom flowers. That worked out to $2.3 billion in 2015, meaning the first week of May is basically Black Friday for florists.

And with online mega-florists chopping into profits, effectively marketing your florist shop on Mother’s Day has become more important than ever. Here are ten ways to make the most of your Mothers’ Day sales.

Partner with Local Restaurants

You know what goes perfect with a nice Mothers’ Day brunch frittata? Ok, yes, champagne, but also flowers! And if people making brunch reservations can knock out their flower purchases at the same time, they’ll do it. Hit up some local restaurants that are known for brunch and see if they’re interested in a “flowers and brunch” package. The sales will be a nice boost, but the exposure will show even better long-term returns.

Offer to Wrap Other Gifts for Free … With a Purchase

It is a proven scientific fact that most people enjoy wrapping presents about as much as they enjoy audits. So if you offer free wrapping of perfumes, chocolates, oven mitts, or whatever other crazy stuff people like to buy their mothers, with the purchase of flowers, you’ve just given your business a serious value addition at an exceptionally low cost.

Target Students

If you listen to your mother, we’re pretty much all absolutely breaking her heart between the ages of 15-22. So students are a particularly good market to target. First, because they’re still young enough to try and make up for their questionable life choices with flowers. But also because ultimately somebody else it probably paying. So leave promotional cards and/or post fliers on college campuses, at high school and college sporting events, and generally everywhere students hang out.

Plan for Mother’s Day Early

Once you’re done with Valentine’s Day, start working on your Mothers’ Day promotions. Flowers, whether you like it or not, are a commodity to most people, and who they buy their flowers from is going to be more about who reminds them to do it first. Offer promotions as early as Valentine’s Day, and build customer loyalty by offering discounts to people who buy flowers from you for both holidays, maybe even package deals.

Offer Discounts with Orders Placed in March and April

You don’t need to limit your discounts to Valentine’s Day. You can extend your repeat-customer discount to people who buy flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, or because they forgot birthdays or anniversaries. Offering 15-20% off Mothers’ Day arrangements to spring customers will give them a serious incentive to buy from you instead of online, and may well build even more loyalty down the line.

Set Up a Special Area for Kids

Florists aren’t exactly Discovery Zone. But if one holiday is about letting children learn and experiment with flowers, it’s Mother’s Day. So set up an area in your shop with lots of different flowers, where kids can come in and make their own arrangements. No matter what they come up with, mom will love it. And will give your store an experience dads can’t give their kids elsewhere.

Have a Sweepstakes for Everyone Who Buys Flowers

Flowers are nice. Full days at the spa are better. So invest in a massage or spa package at a high-end local spa, then use it as a giveaway incentive for one lucky customer. Hold the drawing on Mothers’ Day itself, so the mom and whoever bought her flowers can both be excited. And also so they don’t get the gift two weeks after the holiday.

Market to Different Types of Moms

There are moms out there who’d rather spend Sunday at a NASCAR race than a fancy brunch. There are also moms whose idea of showing you love them is leaving them alone with a nice bottle of wine. But one thing they all have in common is that they love flowers. So create flower packages geared towards different types of moms, so people can give arrangements a personal touch. Maybe the “Party Mom” arrangement comes with champagne, or the “Chef mom” comes with truffle oil. If you can create an entire package that personalizes the experience, it’ll give your shop something unique that online florists don’t have.

Get People Excited on Social Media

You don’t really hear people outside of your industry saying stuff like “Did you SEE the new tulips that came in this year? Got. To. Have. Those.” Flowers may not have the same emotional draw as clothes or food, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get people excited about it on social media. Post your Mothers’ Day arrangement ideas on Instagram and get feedback from your followers. It’ll not only get them thinking about what you’re doing for the holiday, but can help you craft arrangements people like.

Keep Your Offerings Limited

Much like restaurants find success when they keep their menus small, so will you when you minimize your Mothers’ Day offerings. The crazier stuff you offer, the more inventory you have to keep on hand, and the higher your expenses. So plan out a handful of great arrangement and market the heck out of them. And leave the crazy designs to the big guys online.