15 Up-and-Coming Franchises for You to Consider

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Time to FranchiseSure, it may have been your dream to create your own concept from scratch and start a small business with your earmarkings all over it. And rewarding as that is, the fact of the matter is America is filled with companies who’ve figured out the formula for success, and are willing to share it with you as long as you play by their rules. It’s called franchising, and it’s the route of choice for nearly a million small business owners.

But there’s a Starbucks on every urban corner and a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell near every college campus, and you want to do something different. So what are the hot, new, fast-growing franchises you can start that won’t involve employees wearing paper hats? From mobile video games to Kobe beef hot dogs, here are 15 you might want to consider.

    • Brain Balance

      Instead of medicating kids with ADHD and other childhood mental disorders, Dr. Robert Melillo has brought parents a more-natural option for trying to develop overstimulated brains, with a specialized system of mental and physical exercises as well as specially tailored diets. The new approach has proven massively popular and placed this franchise on multiple “hot franchise” lists.


    • Bricks 4 Kids

      Though at first glance this sounds like a horribly unsafe idea, this educational service doesn’t use any actual bricks but rather Legos to teach kids about the principals of engineering, science, math and teamwork through building and discussion. Entrepreneur.com ranked this the #2 franchise to get into last year behind Mac Tools.


    • BurgerFi

      While the world is not exactly clamoring for new burger franchises, this South Florida-based company has managed to gain a cult-like following with explosive growth, featuring special “secret” menus for regular customers and using ingredients like Kobe beef hot dogs and 28-day aged brisket. It was also named the fastest growing chain restaurant in America by Technomic and recently opened a location in Miami’s SunLife Stadium.


    • Doc Popcorn

      If you’re concerned about a high cost of raw goods that might spoil, this 10 year-old operation should appease your fears. Started out of a Manhattan apartment by a couple making healthy snacks for their friends, Rob and Renee Israel moved their operations to Colorado where they now make flavors like apple crisp, French toast and cheese n’ caramel.


    • French Fry Heaven

      Because if it can be eaten, America’s got a gourmet outpost for it. The gourmet french fry craze is pretty much inevitable. Scott Nelowet has realized this and started this chain of little French fry stands that could probably take over abandoned Fotomats if he could find them, and serve up fries with flavors like dill & ranch fries, sweet potato pie, and Kenberry (with blueberry sauce).


    • Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

      Watch out Chipotle, this Texas-based Mexicali-style taco shop is spreading fast and cracked Entrepreneur’s Top 10 franchises in 2013. In addition to serving fresh, spicy quick service food, it’s also a lot more fun to say than the name of a silly chili pepper.


    • Game Truck

      Since kids won’t do anything crazy like get out and interact with other kids without a screen involved, the guys behind this 85-truck franchise have created a sort of mobile video arcade. These semis are filled with flat screens and the latest game consoles that you can bring to birthday parties, corporate events or pretty much anywhere you think people will enjoy playing video games in a truck.


    • The Grounds Guys LLC

      This landscaping franchise company actually dates back to 1987, but began franchising in 2010. Because they specialize in commercial landscape maintenance, the startup costs can be high, but the potential for growth is huge. As long as you’re in a place where grass grows.


    • Human Healthy Vending

      At some point in your life, you’ve had a significant weight gain directly attributable to slot 4B in the vending machine near your office. This company has set out to change that, offering state of the art machines for snacks, hot food, coffee and frozen foods with non-artery clogging stuff like pop chips, Cliff bars and boxed organic milk.


    • Jump Bunch

      If you were the perpetually-last-picked kid who couldn’t climb a rope to save his life, you probably wish you could have outsourced gym class back in the day. And while this company isn’t taking gym class FOR anyone, it is taking the organizing of physical education out of the cash-strapped and inefficient schools and allowing them to outsource the classes themselves.


    • Mosquito Squad

      Inc. magazine ranked this pest-extermination franchise one of the top 15 fastest growing franchises, and since bugs probably aren’t leaving the planet anytime soon it reasons this is a business that will continue to grow. If you can get over your friends calling you Dale Gribble at social gatherings, the potential for growth with this franchise is only limited by how fast bugs multiply.


    • Painting with a Twist

      Imagine you’re in a third grade art class where you had a teacher walking you through painting a masterpiece that your parents would proudly hang on their refrigerator. Now add wine. But take yourself out of third grade. That’s the concept of this franchise based out of (where else) New Orleans where you can bring in your favorite beverage and get instruction in one of 3500 pre-designed paintings. Which you can then hang on YOUR refrigerator.


    • Paul Davis Emergency Services

      When your house is damaged by a storm or fire or other unforeseen event, the only thing that keeps you sane is moving towards getting it back together. Paul Davis Emergency Services knows this, and offers construction and other services to get homes and businesses back up and running who experience fire, water, mold or any other kind of damage.


    • UbreakIFix

      Technology is great. Our dependence on it to the point where our entire week is shot because our Xbox mysteriously won’t turn on? Debatable. But there’s no debating that people break stuff they need, and this franchise specializes in fixing them quickly. Finding people with the right knowledge might be tough, but once you do, the supply of customers is endless.

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