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BFS Capital Blog

The Secret to BFS Capital’s Success

December 19, 2013

OK, so maybe we’ve been smart and well-managed as a company. We’d like to think so! But there’s still only one reason we’re still here and growing: Our commitment to serving business customers like you and a willingness to adapt to meet your evolving needs.

Not that many years ago, we were an “alternative” source of financing for many small businesses. But no longer. Increasingly, we’re the go-to source for capital for businesses of all shapes and sizes, all over the U.S. Why? Commitmentservice and responsiveness to the financing needs of businesses everywhere.

Here are just some of the ways we’ve grown to meet your needs:

We’ve been here before, during and after the recession.

When the economy crashed in 2007, “traditional” financing (i.e. banks) pretty much crashed, too. Many small businesses, viewed as “too risky,” were left high and dry. But this had always been our business: Providing financing for small and mid-sized businesses. And during the years of the recession, we made sure we were being responsive to the changing needs of our business customers. Consequently, our customers, our products and the entire market “space” we occupy have all changed.

We’ve expanded the products we offer.

We used to offer merchant cash advances exclusively, mostly for credit card-based businesses like restaurants or retailers. But we recognized the need for business loans, especially for those businesses who don’t take credit cards (e.g., those who are B2B). Now we offer loans to businesses across virtually every sector. And, today we make loans of up to $2 million! Of course, we still provide merchant cash advances, too, if that’s the best solution for a business.

Click here or check out the video below for a quick and simple explanation of our products:

We’ve expanded geographically.

When BFS Capital first started, we only offered merchant cash advances to business owners in a few states. As we continued to grow, we gradually expanded our reach. Only a couple of years ago, we offered financing in just a handful of U.S. states. But along with the launch of our short-term loan product we are now able to provide loans to businesses nationwide. This is a huge benefit to our customer base, who are located from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

We’ve made it easy.

Nowhere will business owners find a more streamlined and customer-friendly application and approval process for financing than with BFS Capital. While banks require stacks of financial statements and tax records, we concentrate on a few important documents and on the health of your business. We understand that when businesses apply for financing, they need the capital sooner rather than later. So we’re committed to a quick review and approval process, first, and guarantee that, once you’re approved, you can have funding in as few as two business days!

We’re in the business of thoughtful and responsible financing.

There are good reasons to get financing for your business and not-so-good ones. If you’re drowning in debt you can’t service and are struggling to stay afloat, we may suggest to you that borrowing money will only make the problems worse. On the other hand, when we look at things like your business model, how you’re paying vendors and how you’re managing cash flow, we’re looking for health and growth potential. The underlying question we ask is this: Will financing help propel your business forward? Will your business be better off with this capital?

We’re all about helping businesses with growth capital, or opportunity-driven money. And it’s all about expansion: Adding locations, expanding, remodeling, buying additional inventory, growing your seasonal offerings—all things that in the end, will generate revenue, ideally several times over the amount you’re borrowing.

These are some of the ways we’ve grown and plan to keep growing, to serve our business customers in 2014 and beyond. We’d like to help you grow, too.

Call 888-370-7716 and we’ll guide you toward the financial solution that is best for your business.