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BFS Capital Blog

Small Business Champions: What Does It Mean?

May 6, 2013

Here at BFS Capital, we consider ourselves a “small business champion” and aspire to expand that role even more. For us, being a small business champion goes beyond helping business owners with their financing needs. We see our role as having several different facets, and our goal is to keep adding to those.

    • Source of capital. This is our business, but to get here, we recognized an unfulfilled need in the small business population. We helped create a niche around the business owners’ needs, not “how it’s always been done.” This meant designing a streamlined business financing solution that provides fast funding and flexible repayment options. We continue to refine our own practices to meet the needs of our small business customers.
    • Source of useful, relevant content. We understand that small businesses need more than capital to grow! They also need relevant information on running their businesses and how-to content, made available to them in a quick, easy-to-digest way. That’s why every week we write about all kinds of topics on our BFS blog, from how to improve cash flow to how to be more productive. We hope the thoughts and concepts we discuss inspire small business owners to come up with some new ideas of their own.
    • Small business promoter. Just like you, we love stories of small business success. The story of a small business owner who overcame the odds or surmounted challenges to build their business is a story that never gets old. When we hear of customers who are doing well and doing good things in their community, we love to share their stories with our readers.

Which brings me to my next point: a “small business champion” obviously has another meaning. Small businesses that stand out through their success, innovation, partnerships, ability to have a positive impact, and so forth without a doubt fit the bill of a true small business champion. Pointing out select small business champions can be tough, though. Because when you get right down to it, aren’t all small businesses champions in their own right?  Some small businesses are going above and beyond in terms of being creative or unique, which makes them stand out from the pack. Here’s some food for thought in considering what makes a small business champion. Keep in mind these are subjective and by no means all inclusive.

    • Expanded sense of purpose. Maybe their products or services make a contribution, or maybe they support a group or the community in other ways. Either way, these operations have made their purpose about more than just business.
    • Stellar customer relationships. Customers just can’t stop talking about these businesses. Their willingness to always put the customer first is genuine, authentic and demonstrated in even the smallest ways by their employees.
    • Equally good employee relationships. For these businesses, employees aren’t just a means to an end; they are a valued resource to be nurtured and developed. Small business champions believe in work-life balance and practice it. Everyone celebrates business successes and reaps the rewards. They foster a sense of inclusiveness.
    • Commitment to green. Small business champions are committed to green practices like conservation and recycling. They encourage employees to not waste resources and reward them for coming up with new, green initiatives for the business.
    • Perspective. There’s no question that small business champions and their employees work hard, day in and day out. But there’s also a confident, relaxed quality about them that comes from the perspective of knowing that work is work—and it’s just that!

You can certainly add to this list. Do you know of any small businesses that you believe are true champions? We want to hear about them! Who knows, maybe we’ll feature them in a future post!

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