Infographic: Small Business Financing Solutions

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Small Business Financing Solutions Infographic

One of the greatest things about small businesses is that no two are alike. Small businesses make up a diverse universe of unique products and services, operating models, goals and objectives. Even the “small” in “small business” can denote a wide range of sizes in terms of annual revenue or number of employees.

But even with all their differences, small businesses have one thing in common, and it’s a big one:

Small businesses need capital.

At some point—or more likely, at more than one point in the business cycle—most, if not all, small business will need capital. These needs can come in all kinds of ways, some of which are happy opportunities, like expanding, remodeling or adding a hot new product.

But the need for working capital can also come in the form of tough challenges: A critical piece of equipment breaks down and needs to be replaced. Seasonal sales fluctuations are sharper than expected and cash flow slows. Or when Mother Nature packs a punch, you need to regroup and reopen.

When small businesses need capital, they’re also finding out that they have something else in common:

Most small businesses are unable to get capital from traditional sources.

The reality is that in the past few years, “traditional” sources of capital (like banks) have pulled back on funding for small businesses.  Most businesses—all but the most cash rich and well collateralized—find that banks just aren’t there when they need them. And even if they say they’re lending, the approval process is long, the funding is slow, and there are lots of restrictions. But

There are new, non-traditional sources for small business capital.

Today, small businesses of nearly every shape and size are finding new, non-traditional sources of capital that offer them an easy application process, flexibility and speedy funding, usually in as little as five business days.

Business Financial Solutions to the rescue.

We’re a growing source of capital for small businesses across America. We believe in small business as an integral part of the future of the country. We work with hundreds of businesses, first to understand their objectives, then to find a capital solution that’s the right fit, whether a small business loan or merchant cash advance. And we do everything we can to make the entire process as quick and easy as possible for you.

The following infographic shows the differences between the two financing solutions that we offer and demonstrates how to determine which product is ideal for your business:

Infographic of business financing options, including small business loans and merchant cash advances


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