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BFS Capital Blog

Small Business Marketing Tips for Father’s Day

May 29, 2015

As business owners, you want customers to be able to connect with your business. Sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to do on any regular day. Thankfully businesses are blessed with holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to help attract and connect with their customers.

Did you know that total retail spending for Father’s Dayreached about $12.5 billion in 2014? So if you plan to promote your small business on Father’s Day, you better get in line with everyone else. It’s a race to get to the consumer first, or to create the better connection with them.

Here are a few tips for marketing your small business around Father’s Day.

Cater to Online and Mobile Shoppers

Nearly 28 percent of online shoppers in 2014 made purchases online for Father’s Day. That’s almost 1 in 3 consumers, according to the results of an annual survey by the National Retail Federation. Over half of the mobile shoppers (consumers using smartphones and tablets) used their devices to research products and services and compare prices.

Creating a mobile experience for your retail business to cater to your potential and existing customers is key. Think about what mobile device users are doing on their phones. Are they looking for product reviews? Discounts? Item availability? If it’s feasible, reward the online shoppers with a special discount that can only be found on your mobile site or social media profiles before Father’s Day. You can increase the social interaction and communication by requiring users to “like” or “follow” your accounts in order to receive the discount.

For retailers who offer a “buy online and pick up in store” option, market this feature as much as possible by placing it on your home page, social media profiles, and in email campaigns. Shoppers love avoiding lines. If they can get the shopping and payment out of the way from the comfort of their own home or while doing something else, they will take advantage of that. We live in a multitasker’s world nowadays and the “pick up in store” option is priceless. Just be sure to have an updated inventory at all times. You don’t want someone purchasing an item and making a trip to your store only to find that what they saw online isn’t actually available. Implement these mobile marketing tips for your small business before Father’s Day to maximize your reach and keep your customers happy.

Get Creative

There is certainly a level of emotion involved in holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. While Mother’s Day may be more on the emotional side and Father’s Day more on the functional side, it could be in your best interest to think more about who is making purchases. Use the same emotional feel and connection you would on Mother’s Day, only adapt it to include Dads.

Maybe dad needs a new golf club. If he didn’t say which club he wanted specifically, his wife will probably buy the one with the best online reviews and ratings. But she won’t stop there. She’ll pair the club with a free golf day to enjoy with his buddies, away from the house chores and kids.

Luxury Daily says that women are more interested in buying creative gifts for Father’s Day to make memories rather than fill the garage or shed with unnecessary tools and gadgets.

Connect With Your Community

Whether you are a small, medium or big company, your surrounding community is very important to the success of your business. Get them involved on Father’s Day. Promote contests or Father’s Day events that will get customers interacting with your business. Ask shoppers to share photos on social media of special moments with their husband or dad and use a specific hashtag that somehow incorporates Father’s Day and your company in one. Get creative with your ideas to get people talking about your business.

Implementing these marketing tips can help your small business boost your profits from Father’s Day. And if you want to do something out of the box and throw a backyard BBQ, feel free to do so. Who doesn’t love free food and drinks, especially when charcoal and a grill are involved?