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BFS Capital Blog

Business Strategies for Success

May 18, 2015

As technology continues to advance, so do business and marketing techniques. Information is at the tips of the consumer’s fingertips. And now, businesses and customers are closer than ever and equally as important to one another. There’s no rule as to when business strategies should be reevaluated. However, it’s beneficial to assess them at least a few times throughout the year. Here are a few business strategies essential for success.

Make Mobile Marketing a Top Priority

Mobile marketing is everywhere. It used to be an emerging trend, but now it’s at the forefront of digital marketing and has become a natural way of life for businesses. It is increasingly important for retail businesses to keep up with mobile trends. In 2014, 60 percent of total digital media time was spent on mobile devices – smart phones and tablets. By 2017, it’s expected that roughly 91 percent of all internet users will be mobile internet users. That equates to about 2.97 billion people.

Can you imagine if even a small fraction of all those people visited your website on their mobile device and found that your site doesn’t render properly on their viewing platform? More than likely, they will turn away immediately. First things first, get a responsive website for your business! You want your pages to resize and fit on every device there is. It’s cleaner and easier for people to navigate.

Be sure not to take away important information when condensing your pages. You want the new mobile internet user and prospective customer to find every bit of information they need without difficulty. After your website is mobile-ready, consider creating a mobile app for your business. Apps can sometimes be costly and may not fit within your marketing strategy but take the time to do some research to determine what best fits your business plan and goals. If you’re looking for more ideas, here are five mobile marketing tips for your business.

Focus on Customer Experience

Consumers and businesses are starting to realize that the amount of money customers spend at a certain store or on a specific product isn’t the only important thing anymore. Now, people want to either feel like they matter to someone, they are being treated well, or that they are making some sort of difference in the world. Your business should be doing at least one of these things.

Get personal with your customers. If you have regular customers that come into your store multiple times a month or week, let them know that you’re noticing them. Take some time to have a conversation with them. Offer them special discounts for their loyalty. Learn what brought them to your store and what keeps them coming back. Doing things like this will help you retain customers. This will also allow you to customize experiences.

Sell Your Content

Content marketing is another marketing trend that’s becoming more of a need and less of an option. It’s no longer a “campaign-driven” digital marketing approach. Rather, it’s an “always-on” marketing approach. Consumers aren’t looking for products and services to be pushed in their faces and down their throats. But they are always looking for information. So, where will they find it? Your content.

Give consumers more than a product or service to purchase. Enhance their searching and buying experiences with interactive and dynamic content. You don’t want to drown readers in text-heavy whitepapers and blog posts. Instead, produce shareable content; something that is readable by anyone interested in the subject. There’s a strategy to content curation now. Figure out what your customers want to know and see and give it to them through a content marketing strategy.

Back to the Basics

Every year there are an endless amount of marketing and business ideas and techniques. While it’s smart to try to implement those that prove to be successful year over year, sometimes it’s necessary to just bring it back to the basics and avoid common mistakes. If you see that your company and customers aren’t responding to new tactics, then take a step back to evaluate the reasons why. If this means going back to the beginning and starting from scratch, then do what you need to do. Not every idea is going to work for your business, and that’s okay. If you feel like you are stuck in the past with certain techniques, try a blend of old and new business strategies to ease the transition for your company and customers. You don’t have to scratch new ideas altogether if one doesn’t work out for you. Just go back to what you know best and slowly work your way up.