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BFS Capital Blog

Top 10 Marketing Blogs for Small Business

June 2, 2017

Obviously, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for a blog to help your small business. Not to toot our own horns or anything, but we were recently named one of the top financial blogs for small business. No big deal. And while we’re honored and proud of our achievements, we also realize there might be another blog or two out there who can be great resources for your small business.

So where should you look? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. Whether it’s digital marketing, franchising, sales or web design there are different sites that specialize in each area. Here are ten to bookmark now that we think may help your business grow.

1. Duct Tape Marketing

Though a blog devoted entirely to marketing metallic-colored adhesives would be an invaluable resource to hardware stores, John Jantsch’s website covers all kinds of startups. The business consultant who’s been called “the world’s most practical business expert” offers no-nonsense advice on how startups can find and retain customers, as well as utilization of social media on his Duct Tape Marketing blog. But it also offers a portal where small businesses can access community-sourced content to get tips from others in their industries. Communicating with other small businesses allows you to find out what is working and not working in the world of marketing.

Best Recent Post: Why Dark Posts are the Best Facebook Advertising Right Now

2. LocalVox

A lot of marketing blogs focus on topics and issues that are pertinent to companies with national reach. LocalVox blog is particularly useful for small business because its tips focus on how to attract local customers to your business. The blog lists digital marketing tips that delve into differences in markets and social media practices that target people closest to you. Though the tips are most useful for businesses with a physical presence, much of it applies to online companies as well.

Best Recent Post: Your Retail Marketing Strategy: Increase In-Store Sales Using Google

3. Vertical Response Blog

This blog from an email marketing company, Vertical Response, curates content from contributors in nearly every industry. As a result, it’s able to offer highly-focused digital marketing tips on everything from how to increase email opening rates to understanding proper use of push notifications.

Best recent post: Emotion vs. Promotion: How to get a customer to buy

4. Convince and Convert

Mastering the production side of content marketing is no easy feat. But even with the best infographics, blog posts, and social media, rarely does any of it produce actual dollars. To do that, you have to convert readers to buyers, and this site tells you all the ways to do it. The Convince and Convert blog offers useful, serviceable pieces of content marketing for the small business owner.

Best recent post: How to go from Collecting Fans to Social that Works

5. Digiday

Nothing beats learning from the experiences of others. But rather than boring, academic case studies, Digiday uses fun real-life examples to teach lessons about marketing to small business. Everything from how to use Snapchat to build your brand to how to handle digital influencers, Digiday looks at the successes and failures of big names and celebrities and makes it all pertinent to small business.

Best recent post: How Monocle Found Money in Radio

6. Social Triggers

The Social Triggers blog from entrepreneur/marketer/fearless self-promoter Derek Halpern is as much a motivational speech as it is a marketing tool. Halpern’s style is blunt, honest, and little unnerving for those used to typical marketing speak, and he’ll challenge what you thought you knew about marketing. Business cards? Ditch them. Price to a luxury or budget market? Not always. Halpern may not always tell you what you want to hear, but his insight is always unique at the very least. And will get you excited to try some things out of your comfort zone.

Best recent post: How to make Decisions in Life and Work

7. The Franchise King

For those looking for directions on how to buy a franchise, or franchise themselves, there is no better blog than The Franchise King. Self-proclaimed franchise royalty Joel Libava doles out expert advice on literally everything you could possibly want to know about running a franchise, from why you should hire a lawyer, to finding what is the right franchise to buy, to detailed explanations of how the whole process works. The evergreen stories are a phenomenal resource, and the page is worth repeat visits to keep up to date with the latest laws and trends.

Best recent post: Buying a Franchise? Avoid Opinions at All Costs

8. Small Business Trends

It’s nice when a blog doesn’t try to get fancy with the names. You know what you’ll find here? Small business trends, in everything from technology to management to finance to digital marketing. The posts range from quick news stories to commentary from industry leaders to useful business tips. And this blog is an absolute must-read for staying current in your business.

Best recent post: Making an Effective Cold Call

9. The Pipeline

The Pipeline is a sale solution company, and this blog is the best when it comes to effective tips for selling and sales management. Posts run the gamut from handling rejection to running an effective sales meeting, and should be required reading for any small business sales force. Even veteran salespeople can benefit as topics also cover selling using modern technology.

Best recent post: Three Things to Leave out of your Prospecting Call

10. Wix Blog

If you want tips on web design and tech marketing, perhaps the leaders in it are a good place to start. The Wix blog doesn’t lean so much on super-technical information as it does give tips for things like SEO, designing an effective landing page, creating online ordering, and using photos for maximum effectiveness. Even if you outsource your web design read through here first so you can communicate to your designers. Hopefully, they’re reading it as well.

Best recent post: All the Places You’re Forgetting to Promote your Website