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BFS Capital Blog

Top Trends for Florists

May 9, 2016

Flowers, really are fashion.

Of course, it’s been a long time since people could wear flowers as actual clothing, but the flowers that one sees around homes, weddings, and pretty much anywhere are in constant flux. And unlike with clothing, florists don’t have celebrity designers leading the way, or annual fashion shows to determine what’s trending.

When running your own florist shop, floral trends are always something you have time to stay on top of throughout the year. So as wedding planning season hits its stride, here is a quick primer on the top trends florists can expect for the rest of 2016 and into next year.

Colors Move Toward Relaxation
The Society of American Florists released its 2016 trend predictions for the florist industry last year – Lavish, Festival, Sorbet and Lustre – and will be releasing its picks for 2017 at their annual convention October 1st in Maui. And while we don’t need to rehash last year’s predictions for you, this might be a good date to circle to get a jump on 2017.

As for this year, the PANTONE color institute selected two colors – serenity and rose quartz – as its colors of the year. These combinations have been selected primarily as home decor colors, giving a relaxing feel while exuding elegance. As customers may come in looking for these colors, think of other, complimentary flowers and colors you might be able to work into an inventive arrangement. Blush colors, for example, are making a pretty solid comeback. Blue hydrangea and garden roses might also be a good start.

Old-School Flowers Are Making a Comeback
But just like the Moscow Mule and tight jeans are back in fashion, so are some old-school flowers we hadn’t seen in a while. Heirloom carnations are making appearances on a good number of Pinterest boards. As are long-stemmed English sweet peas, pastel chrysanthemums and double zinderella zinnias.

Blogger and florist Kayla Lopez selected African violet, kalanchoe, peace lily, and Phalaeonopsis orchid as her top picks for home décor this year. But when it comes to specific flowers, much of this will depend on individual taste. So use these all as suggestions for your customers and go from there.

Farm-to-Bridal Table is All the Rage
Everybody’s all about going local. You’re not only seeing this on restaurant menus, but it’s also become the biggest trend in wedding flowers in the past year or so. Couples are opting for flowers that are native to wherever they’re getting married, and stocking up on whatever is in season. This means arrangements of fresh-picked flowers with small variations in color. Keeping with the farm-to-table look, arrangements will be boasting more greenery, with ferns, shrubs and even herbs.

On the note of herbs, as craft food has become a trend, so has food as part of wedding arrangements. This doesn’t mean throwing a giant rack of ribs next to your geraniums, necessarily, but you’ll see centerpieces this year accented by fruits, veggies, nuts, and other things guests can munch on when the third course it taking too long.

Bouquets are getting bigger and freer in 2016. The bulky, trailing bouquet is in, replacing anything that might ever have been described as “subtle.” Brides are opting for free-form bouquets (again, dictated more my local flowers than specific design) and bigger almost always seems to be better. Good news for you, as bigger bouquets mean more money.

Remember: People Buy Flowers for All Kinds of Reasons
Conventional wisdom might say that home decor, holidays such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day as well as weddings make up the bulk of any florist’s business. But conventional wisdom probably also doesn’t have nose, because, really, who doesn’t enjoy a nice bouquet of fresh flowers? According to, 86% of all flowers were purchased for non-calendar occasions, and nearly two-thirds of people are buying flowers for themselves.

So before getting too caught up in trends for your florist business, remember they’re exactly that: trends. Personal preference will always trump whatever’s hot, so service will always be more important than stocking what’s hot. That said, part of service is being able to guide customers in the right direction. And hopefully, for now, we’ve given you a little extra insight into the top trends for florists.