Why Small Business Owners Can Stop Worrying About Capital

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Why Small Business Owners Can Stop Worrying About Capital

One of the most damaging turn of events to come out of the Great Recession was the steep decline in the number of loans banks made to small and medium-size businesses. At its very lowest, the volume of small business loans from banks was a fraction of its pre-2007 levels.

We don’t have to tell you, as business owners, what this did to the business landscape across the U.S. For hundreds of businesses, cash flow became an even more pressing issue than it had been previously. Without necessary infusions of cash, emergencies couldn’t be met—and things like critical equipment just couldn’t be replaced. Sadly, without access to the capital that is the lifeblood of every business, untold numbers of these businesses, across virtually all sectors, disappeared.

Businesses that survived were, for the most part, in a holding pattern, generally unable to hire or remodel their space as they had planned to. And most of all, the majority were unable to take advantage of growth opportunities that would move them forward, like expanding or adding a product line. Again, this all requires capital, and the bank pipelines had all but dried up.

But that was then, when, especially early on in the recession, banks were the main source of loans. In the past few years, businesses have gradually come to learn that there are other sources of capital out there. Termed “alternative” by the traditional credit industry, these sources in many ways propped up small and medium-size businesses and in doing so, injected millions—some estimate over $7.5 billion—into the economy, just in the last decade alone. Many businesses survived and are now thriving as a result.

Now we, as an industry, are no longer “alternative.” We’re main stream now, and BFS, in particular, is a first-line provider of loans and other forms of capital for an increasing number of businesses. Our customers have learned we’ll do everything possible to meet their capital needs. We understand the universe of businesses with whom we work, knowing that, even though they may not meet banks’ credit criteria, they are solid and well-run, much deserving of the capital that will keep them going and growing.

Accordingly, we’ve structured our whole operation around making the entire credit process as easy as possible for business owners, including a relatively simple application, with no requirement for reams of paperwork. We actually take the time to talk with you in order to fully understand your operation and your business model. And with quick approvals and with funding, you will have your cash within five business days of being approved!

What gets us up in the morning? It’s our goal of being a true champion of business in every way we can. We are seeing some amazing trends in our customer base. For example, we’re increasingly serving businesses of all sizes, from the very small to medium-size to much larger, more established ones. They’re solid and committed and need only capital to be even better and more profitable. Additionally, we’re working not only with retail businesses, but also with an expanding array of business-to-business companies, from transportation to wholesale, whose capital needs are even greater. That’s why we now make loans of up to $2 million! And geographically, our customers are all over the U.S. (Not to mention Canada and the U.K.).

As the economy gets back on its feet, it’s an exciting time for business—small, medium and large. Business owners can focus on the growth of their operations instead of worrying about how to get the capital they need. And we at BFS are proud to be their champion and to play an important role in this bright future.
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