BFS Capital Customers Keep Coming Back—For Good Reasons

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Why Small Businesses Return to BFS

You may already know BFS Capital as a company that provides working capital to small and mid-size businesses to help them grow. You may know us as company that works with businesses across many different sectors, in every U.S. state, and now in Canada and the U.K. You may even know us as a company whose customers use financing from BFS Capital for virtually every kind of business expense, from expanding or remodeling to purchasing new equipment to improving their cash flow.

But there’s something else about BFS Capital that you probably don’t know: That is, how most of our customers come back to us, maybe once or twice, but often more times than that.

To say we’re proud of this fact is an understatement. We know a lot of other companies can’t make this claim. But we’re especially proud because of what it means—behind the statistic. What our high percentage of repeat business tells us is that we’re doing more than just our job. Sure, we’re providing working capital for all types of businesses and business needs. That’s our core business, and we’re gratified to be helping business owners in this way.

But beyond that, the fact that our customers keep coming back means that we’re fulfilling our promise to them. And what is the BFS Capital promise? It’s all about the experience we provide our customers. We understand—as do they—that we’re in the business of not just providing financing but also making the entire process as streamlined and as easy as possible. From the initial application to the review of the customer’s financial position, BFS Capital has created a process that is quick and uncomplicated—and does not burden the business owner.

We don’t ask our customers to spend weeks laboriously gathering all kinds of documentation and paperwork. Instead, we’ll actually have conversations with you about your financial history and the outlook for your future growth. We’ll take a hard look at your business model and then tell you what we honestly think: Is getting a loan from BFS Capital really in your best interest? Is a loan from us going to help propel your business to new levels of growth?  If not, we’ll tell you that, too—and we’ll probably suggest alternative solutions for your needs.

But, if we are a good fit for your business, we’ll tell you so—and quickly. We won’t leave you hanging for weeks while you wait for an approval. And here’s the best part:  We understand that opportunity waits for no one—you need your money now, right? That’s why we’ll fund your loan quickly, too, in as few as five business days.

So these are the reasons customers tell us they come back to BFS Capital multiple times:

    • We make the application process as uncomplicated and easy as possible.


    • We give them a fair and honest assessment, as well as direct feedback—about their financials, business model and growth potential.


    • We give them a quick response on approval.


    • We fund the loan quickly.


    • We put no restrictions or conditions on our loans. Funds can be used for virtually any
      business expense.

If this is the kind of customer experience you’re looking for, you definitely want to keep BFS Capital in mind. And when—not if—you need working capital (because most businesses will sooner or later), be sure to contact us first. We’ll be waiting for your call!

Alison Leon

Alison Leon is the Vice President of Marketing at BFS Capital. With over 13 years of experience at major financial institutions, including JP Morgan Chase, Capital One and Bank One, Alison understands the everyday needs of small business owners and the important role that financing plays in growing a business. Her content focuses on marketing strategies and resources for small businesses as well as tips on how to secure financing for any business expense. Connect with Alison on LinkedIn and Google+.