Funding your Women's Clothing Store

The women’s fashion industry is known for constantly changing; what’s hot last season is rarely in vogue the next year. As a small business owner of a women’s clothing business, you need to show that same flexibility.

It’s not easy to compete in the women’s apparel market as a small business.  The US women’s clothing industry is concentrated with the 50 largest companies accounting for about 70% of industry revenue, according to Dun & Bradstreet.  Meanwhile the increasing popularity of buying clothes online from retail giants like Amazon has also significantly cut into market share

 The overall U.S. market for apparel reached $218.7 billion in 2016, according to the NPD Group. So, there is plenty of room for small business owners who offer enticing unique clothing, great customer service and a special experience for shoppers.

With this competitive landscape, you need a partner who can provide easy access to funding when you need it. BFS Capital has been providing small business financing since 2002. Whether you want to buy more inventory, expand your store, boost marketing, or need help with cash flow, we are here for you. We offer an easy application process and access to funds in as few as two business days for qualified applicants.*


A women’s apparel store has to have enough inventory on hand so that customers visiting your store will be able to get what they want – the hot new trench coat, skirt, shirt styles or palazzo pants – even the right size. If you don’t have it, you’ve lost a sale and maybe a customer for good.

Industry experts say it takes a lot of hard work to get the right balance with your inventory. Some tips from these experts include reviewing your current inventory to see what the bestsellers are and what’s been left on the rack.  Make sure you are on top of upcoming trends by reading the top fashion websites, blogs and other media.

You also need to know the best wholesalers for your products.  The Small Business Administration (SBA) recommends going to trade shows, talking to other sellers and reading trade publications to locate wholesale companies.

 Inventory deliveries should be scheduled with major buying seasons, industry experts advise. That means often you may want to start getting the new inventory in the range of two months before the major winter holiday season so that your store will be prepared for shoppers in plenty of time.

Another critical factor in determining inventory is your budget. Often the upfront cost of inventory can be high, meaning you will need to obtain financing. This is where BFS Capital can provide help. What you don’t want is having to miss out on buying enough inventory because you don’t have cash in your pocket. We understand how important inventory financing is for small businesses to succeed.



There is almost an unlimited number of places where people can buy women’s clothes.  It’s important for retailers to create an increasingly experiential to help grow business, according to a report by McKinsey & Co. The layout and look of your store plays a critical role in providing that “special experience” for customers. You may also be considering an interior ‘face-lift” because a new competitor has opened up around the block or a long-time rival clothing store has recently updated their look.

 It’s helpful to know some basic design strategies that experts say can help your chances for increasing sales from the moment people walk into your store until they decide whether or not to make a purchase.

No matter how long you’ve been in business, you want to create an atmosphere that mirrors the image you wish to convey to customers, according to industry experts. Review the design of your store to see if it supports that image. It also helps if you make sure everything is relatively easy to find and logically goes together.

You may be delaying making design changes because you don’t have the cash upfront or don’t want to tie up your credit line. This is where BFS Capital can be the partner you need for easy access to financing design improvements for your women’s clothing store.

BFS Capital can provide funds in two business days to qualified applicants so you won’t need to miss out on opportunities to upgrade your store.*



Small business owners of women’s clothing stores know that one advantage they have over their online and big-chain competitors is that they can offer a personalized service that’s hard to match.

Your employees play a big role in providing that specialized service.  Salespeople should be well trained in customer service and empowered to make decisions to improve that experience, according to industry experts. They also need to be prepared to handle complaints and problems as they arise. It can mean the difference between a satisfied repeat client and an irate customer who takes her business elsewhere.

Experts say these processes should be written out and easily accessible to employees so that there is no confusion on how they should act in these situations.

During peak sales times, such as the winter holiday season, you may need to hire more personnel to ensure you meet the demands. It may be the first time many shoppers visit your store, so it’s important they have a great experience and they will want to return. Additionally, you may want to be on the floor helping out customers yourself, which means you may not have time to do the necessary bookkeeping and other tasks vital to running your store.

The expense of employee salaries and peak season hiring makes easy access to financing critical to your long term success. That’s where BFS Capital can help. Don’t lose out on the opportunity to build up your business by making the right staffing moves at the right time.  Reach out to us to see how we can serve your needs.



A marketing plan for a clothing store should provide a map on how your business can reach and then keep customers.  It may also include ways to define the clothing styles your store will sell and your target market.

Your marketing is likely to be a mixture of ways to reach your target market. It may include a blog and videos on your business website, ads on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, a presence on Instagram and other popular sites, along with old methods such as coupons for purchases, direct mailings, fliers, brochures and newspaper ads. It might also include such efforts such as sponsoring local sports teams or community events.

Another key way to market your clothing store is to host events such as fashion shows at your location, experts say. Some suggest partnering with a charity to engender good will within your local community while providing a chance to showcase the outfits available in your store.

If you simply don’t have the time to create an effective marketing plan as you concentrate on running your women’s clothing store, hiring a marketing consultant may be the best way to go.

Often it makes sense to get financing for these marketing efforts. BFS Capital understands the importance of marketing for women’s clothing stores, and we’re here to help you with financing.

BFS Capital can provide funds in two business days to qualified applicants so you won’t need to miss out on the opportunity to grow your business through marketing.*



BFS Capital understands women’s clothing store financing.  We can offer the financing solutions you need to succeed and grow your business.

We know the hard work it takes to own a women’s clothing store.  Competition in the industry means you need every possible advantage in the marketplace. We are here to help you build your women’s clothing store, whether you need funding to purchase inventory for the upcoming holiday season, renovate your store, marketing, or other purposes. 

Unlike some financial institutions, BFS provides personalized service to our customers, and a relationship manager will be on-hand to help you make the right decisions for your business.  We know you have many options for your women’s clothing store financing, but our focus on customer service makes BFS Capital the best choice.

Whether you have only a few or have many years of experience, we have a variety of funding solutions to meet your specific needs, with business financing from $5,000 to $500,000, and an easy application process that can get the funds to qualified applicants in as few as two business days.*

Let us help you realize the women’s clothing store of your dreams. For more information, call 1-888-905-4334