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From the California Gold Rush to California Dreamin’, Americans have long looked to California as the land of opportunity. Although the state faces major challenges, many of its 38 million residents would argue that California’s opportunities still outweigh its problems. Part of California’s appeal lies in its stunning mountains, its breathtaking deserts, and the 840-mile stretch that is the Pacific coastline. The state’s regions offer an immense variety of communities, Napa Valley, Silicon Valley, Southern California, and San Diego among them, that each have incubated specific businesses and industries. New ones, like Southern California’s emerging tech hub, “Silicon Beach,” continue to develop. California is truly a land of innovation and the place to be if you have an idea for a small business

California’s large and diverse economy, with a GDP of more than $2 trillion in 2013, ranks as the eighth largest economy in the world, though the fiscal health of the state doesn’t rank nearly as well. But after several trying years, California’s economy is again on the move, adding 320,000 jobs in 2013 and a total of 1.17 million since the end of the recession. The state is thriving with people who are big thinkers and people who want to make a difference in the world. If you have a great idea like many who have come before you, you may soon find yourself looking for small business loans in California.

Popular Business Sectors in California

Consider the fact that California leads in a number of sectors, including high-tech, biotech, agriculture, entertainment, manufacturing, tourism, and others. It is by far the number one state for manufacturing, which employs 9 percent of the workforce and generates nearly $223 billion a year. Exports are at a record high ($164 billion in 2012), while travel and tourism generates more than $106 billion a year. The health and biotech sectors are thriving as well. Regardless of which sector your small business falls under, California is an amazing setting to grow and better your operation.

Although threatened by climate disruption and drought, California remains the agricultural powerhouse of the U.S, growing more than 200 different crops, from grapes and strawberries to lettuce, tomatoes, and broccoli. Cotton and livestock products (both second only to Texas) as well as fishing are all huge industries. But California’s service sector, including health and entertainment, generates the highest portion of the state’s GDP.

California Small Business Growth

Conditions in California are ripe for entrepreneurs, online startups, and innovation. Its 3.4 million small businesses, averaging three employees each, are the state’s backbone and employ 52 percent of its workforce. Small and medium-sized businesses are crucial to California’s international competitiveness and generate upwards of 45 percent of the state’s exports. Among the strong indicators of recovery and optimism is growing consumer confidence, also a good sign for business.

While consumer confidence is high, California’s small and medium-sized businesses certainly have their challenges. The biggest challenge is not being able to access working capital, which can seriously undermine business growth. Being able to find the funds for a business fast is of the utmost importance, and that’s where BFS Capital comes in. We are quickly becoming the go-to source in California for small business loans. Our financing solutions include small business loans in California for up to $1 million for qualified businesses as well as a streamlined funding experience with excellent rates.

  • Enjoy a quick, easy application and approval process.

  • Access financing in as few as two business days after approval.

  • Flexible repayments are structured to accommodate cash flow fluctuations.

  • Bad credit does not automatically disqualify applicants from receiving lender funds.

  • Business owners can use California small business loans as they choose for any business expense.

California business owners are putting our loans and merchant cash advances to good use. From expanding inventories to rolling out new products to launching new marketing efforts, the opportunities are endless. Think of all you could do with one of our California business loans. With continued growth on the horizon, it may also be a good time to finance expansion or remodeling; make equipment purchases or upgrades; or even hire new staff. Of course, business capital always comes in handy for unexpected expenses and to keep cash flow positive.

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The future of California’s economy is bright. Sometimes, all it takes to get your business off the ground is the availability of small business loans. California is a state that is rich with ideas and innovation and truly is a place where a business can thrive, and financing solutions from BFS Capital are helping dreams come true for business owners by providing excellent small business loans. California businesses now have access to the capital they need for today and tomorrow. We may have a financing solution for your business, too. We cater to businesses across the United States and Canada, and applying is simple!  At BFS Capital, we provide business loans for small business owners all over California including:

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