Is it Time to Turn the Soil and Grow Your Business?

Growing your business is just like gardening—you have to feed it. If your businesses isn’t flourishing the way you hoped and you’re ready to take it to the next level, then it’s time to nurture a growth spurt with working capital.

BFS Capital has helped countless small business owners cultivate the growth they were yearning for. Take these businesses for example:

  Harry’s Steakhouse in Ohio borrowed funds on several occasions, to expand the restaurant and add a new parking lot, each time reaping the rewards of a well-fed business.
Manor Homes & Gifts in Philadelphia took advantage of a high-end residential construction boom in their neighborhood, advertising to additional potential customers and smooth out cash flow when their vendors were unable to extend credit.
Sandella’s Flatbread Café in D.C. is a quick moving franchise in a time when American’s taste for fast food is shifting to healthier alternatives. When they needed immediate access to capital to refurbish equipment and stock up on supplies, they got the capital they needed, exactly when they needed it most. To keep up with customer demand, they’ll soon have to open a second location.

 It’s planting season. Is your business ready to grow?

Feed your hunger for business growth ideas with BFS Capital success stories.