Is Your Business Ready to Weather the Winter?

Many small businesses experience seasonal changes that make managing cash flow difficult. If you could use some climate control to help you weather any storm, a capital funding solution can help.

No matter the size of the squall ahead, BFS Capital has helped many business owners weather the elements and pull through the slow season. Take these businesses for example: 

  Harry’s Steakhouse in Ohio borrowed funds on several occasions, to release cash flow that would help the restaurant do things like expand and add a new parking lot.
Manor Homes & Gifts in Philadelphia made it through the slow period by smoothing out cash flow when their vendors were unable to extend credit that enabled them to keep business running.
When Sandella’s Flatbread Café in D.C. needed immediate access to capital to refurbish equipment and stock up on supplies, they got the capital they needed, exactly when they needed it most.


It’s time to weather-proof your business. Are you ready for a temperature dip?
Throw some logs on the fire and stoke your business with ideas to help you get through any storm.