Making a Capital Investment Count

Making any investment count toward the value of your business is smart. But earning the money back from your investment in a year or less is something to really celebrate. Sometimes, all it takes is the right investment at the right time. Here is a business owner who did just that.

Construction Equipment Purchase

Dennis’ construction business put in a bid with the school board to renovate eight bathrooms and the cafeteria of an area elementary school. He put a lot of thought and effort into his bid to make it the most competitive offering he could come up with. Not surprisingly, Dennis won the bid, but experienced delays in starting the project, much to the school board’s dismay, due to needing specialized equipment for the job that Dennis could not afford. The equipment company did not have a financing option, and in order to keep his contract with the school board, Dennis had to think fast. Download our case study to find out how Dennis was able to finance his equipment and complete the project on time without losing money on overtime or disappointing his client.