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Math and Business Games for Kids

You’re never too young to build strong math skills. Part of learning math involves practicing facts and working on worksheets. Playing games is a great way to learn your math facts, too. Play some games on the computer. Other games involve a game board that you print from your computer. You can also play some math games with a deck of playing cards or a pair of dice. Once you learn your math facts and lessons, you’ll be ready to become successful in business.

  • Island Chase Subtraction: This water race demands fast thinking to answer subtraction facts up to 12.
  • Algebra Word-O-Rama: You need to know math vocabulary to get good at math. This game helps you learn new math words.
  • The Timernator: The Timernator game gives you math problems to solve as quickly as you can.
  • Minus Game: Learn all about subtraction with this fun game for first-graders.
  • Chinese Dragon Game: Have fun practicing putting numbers in the right order with this Chinese dragon game.
  • Fraction Matcher: Practice your fractions with this Fraction Matcher game.
  • Penguin Pop-Up: The penguins have numbers on them, and you need to choose the right penguin to answer the math problems.
  • Math Man: Math Man needs to eat all of the ghosts, but you have to choose the ghosts with the correct number to answer a math problem.
  • Koala Karts: To play Koala Karts, you need to count the dots and choose the correct number. Make your Koala Kart go faster by working as fast as you can.
  • Even or Odd Game: This tic-tac-toe game involves deciding whether numbers are even or odd.
  • Hero Michael: Hero Michael needs to get the right keys to answer the math problems.
  • Match Around: Match the numbers as quickly as you can in this matching math game.
  • Drag and Drop Math: Drag and Drop Math gives you math problems that you need to solve by dragging numbers over to the math problems.
  • Umicar’s Shape Mountain Race: Practice your shapes in this racing game. Only collect certain shapes to earn points.
  • Fishing Game: Solve the multiplication problems to play this fishing game.
  • Math Games (PDF): Play a game with a deck of cards to practice putting numbers in order from smallest to largest.
  • The Math Board Games Book (PDF): Print out the Jungle Vines game board and practice your multiples of six and 12 with this math game.
  • Making Math More Fun (PDF): Play math board games with tiles to add and subtract numbers.
  • Dice and Card Games to Practice Math Facts (PDF): Both Go Fish and memory games can help you practice your math facts and build important math skills.
  • Skill-Building Math Games and Activities (PDF): The Cross the Line game will help you practice your math facts. If you hear an addition or subtraction problem that is correct, you can move forward. If the problem is incorrect, you would not move.
  • Math Game Ideas (PDF): Practice your math facts with a fun basketball game. Players have to answer math facts first and then take a shot at the hoop to earn points.
  • Simple Math Games to Play at Home With a Deck of Cards (PDF): Traditional card games such as War can be a great way to learn about numbers. As you lay cards down, the player with the highest card gets to take the cards.
  • Family Math Games (PDF): Printables and a few basic supplies such as dice and counters will enable you to play fun math games at home.
  • Count Your Chickens: Help Curious George count the chicks in the barnyard as you play this game.
  • Top Ten Outdoor Math Games (PDF): Play outdoor math games to increase your skills. Hopscotch and Doubles Jump are just two games you could play.
  • Second Grade Math Games (PDF): With some dominoes and a printed game board, you can practice adding the dots on the dominoes.
  • Math Games With a Pair of Dice (PDF): The game of Pig involves a pair of dice and paper to keep score. The first player to reach 100 points is the winner.

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