ISO Program

Earn commissions while championing your customers’ financing needs

We understand that your customers count on your to help find financing solutions, and as an ISO for BFS Capital, you’ll earn top commissions while assisting them with their working capital needs.

Proprietary expertise and unique features

We serve business owners looking for smaller funding amounts by utilizing our proprietary platform to automate the entire application process all the way through funding. For mid-sized to larger deals of up to $500,000, we’ll apply our industry-renowned expertise in underwriting, structuring and individualized programs to suit the unique needs of each business owner, offering unparalleled support, comprehensive training, marketing advice and in-depth resources unmatched by any other provider.

Benefits of BFS Capital ISO Membership

  • A direct lender with unlimited access to capital

  • Volume-based commission programs

  • Competitive buy rates

  • Ability to participate in funding of deals

  • Unique promotions for greater earnings

  • Simple online reporting and application process

  • Dedicated support team

  • Unique funding programs

  • Dedicated in-house support for quick application and funds processing

Call 866-411-4006 to become a BFS Capital ISO Member today.