Teaching Kids Business

One or both of your parents probably has a job that they work at during the week to make money for your family. Some adults work in an office, others work in shops or restaurants, and some people work outdoors doing different types of jobs. While you can't have a job like your parents do yet, there are ways that kids can earn money. You might even find a way to start your own business. An entrepreneur is a person who creates and runs a business. Kids can be entrepreneurs with a little creativity and effort.


When you want to earn money, you might start your own small business. A lemonade stand is one type of business that kids can try, especially on a hot summer day. If you make a pitcher of lemonade and some cookies, you can set up a stand on your street to sell drinks and snacks to neighbors. You might also advertise your services for raking leaves, shoveling snow, mowing lawns, or walking dogs. Another entrepreneurial idea involves making items and selling them. You could knit scarves, sew potholders, or make jewelry. Your parents can help you with setting rates for services or prices for items you want to sell. You might make fliers to advertise your service or products and place the fliers around your neighborhood.

Teaching Kids Business

Lesson Plans

Earning and managing money takes practice. Lesson plans can help you learn some of these skills. Lesson plans usually have tips, ideas, games, and puzzles that all work together to teach you the information. Some lesson plans even teach you how to budget your money. If you get an allowance or you make money for your business, you will need to know how to budget your cash.


Games can help teach money skills, too. Some games are played with a game board, while other games are played on the computer. A money game might also be printed out from the computer to play with friends. The games might involve pretending that you are running a business or budgeting money. You might have to make decisions about what you buy or how you save money. Games might involve playing on your own or with other people.


The best time to learn about money is while you are still a kid. Even though you might not have a lot of money to manage, you can still learn how to save, budget, and spend they money you have. Once you have these skills, you will be ready for bigger tasks as an adult. Budgeting involves making sure that you use the money you have wisely so you have enough to pay for the things you need. When you budget well, you should have the money you need to cover your expenses. As a kid, you don't need to worry about buying groceries or paying rent, but budgeting is still a good idea. Budgeting your allowance or earnings ensures that you have money when you want or need it. It takes time to learn good money skills, but with practice, you can become a smart money manager.